08.04.14 - “Here it is!”…or…”There it is!”

So it’s been over a month since I returned from a mission trip to Coyolate, Guatemala, a small village about 50 miles south of Antigua, where I was privileged to work with 24 of the most awesome people I know. I think I can now write about it without tearing up- which saves typing time and wear and tear on my laptop! We were in Coyolate because one brave young man went there and asked the leaders of the community and local Presbyterian church what it would look like if the Kingdom of Heaven was established in their little village. The answers were few and powerful- Kids would not die of waterborne disease, women would not be abused or die of emphysema because of having to cook indoors over open fires, no one would be hungry, and people would not be trying, desperately to leave. No polish or varnish,…

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29.01.14 - Our Mission in Guatemala

We are planning another trip to developing communities in Guatemala with an amazing in-country team. As I pack medical and dental supplies, get my work gloves ready and mentally prepare for a little different lifestyle for a few days I have been thinking about why this is good for me (and might be good for you at some point…)

1. I NEEEEED to remember how good my life is! And there is nothing like hanging out with some folks who spend all their time 24/7/365 surviving.

2. Jesus told His faithful followers to “go…” in Matthew 28:19, and this is a chance I have to do just that, which makes my “stay” much more purposeful: “If I can act (love, serve, give, sweat…) like this there, why can’t I act like this here?”

3. We get closer to each other in 5-10 days of working our tails off and traveling together than…

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21.01.14 - How Much Does it Matter?

How Much Does it Matter?

It seems to matter a LOT to people to have specific beliefs that are their own that they would literally fight for and do fight for- like on the Jerry Springer Show. How much does what I believe really matter- not just to me, but to everyone. In fact, how much does it matter to have beliefs, if they are just my hopeful opinions about life? Is there a difference between what I think and what I believe? Is one in my head and the other in my heart or soul? Is it a matter of magnitude- If I think something is true, that is somehow a lower order of magnitude than if I believe it…?

It feels like we are making a bigger deal out of our individual beliefs more than we use to. Like they are more important and that everyone should have one…

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14.01.14 - Look Mom, I’m Blogging!

Here we go. I’m still not sure how this happened: someone who is not a fan of blogs, probably have read six or seven in my life is now blogging- even the sound of it- “Blog, blog, blog” sounds like “Blah, blah, blah” which is, I think what many blogs are- a random stream of consciousness that might matter to someone’s mom, but probably no one else.

So, why am I doing this? Well, first of all, my mom will probably read it and I want her to know what I’m thinking and that I love her. (Hi Mom). But more importantly I’m becoming convinced that this could matter- this way of communicating, of connecting, of sharing life, of speaking into the everyday realities and not feeling alone. I am what is called a “late adopter” but once I show up, I’m all in.

We really do need each other, no…

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