Our Mission in Guatemala

We are planning another trip to developing communities in Guatemala with an amazing in-country team. As I pack medical and dental supplies, get my work gloves ready and mentally prepare for a little different lifestyle for a few days I have been thinking about why this is good for me (and might be good for you at some point…)

1. I NEEEEED to remember how good my life is! And there is nothing like hanging out with some folks who spend all their time 24/7/365 surviving.

2. Jesus told His faithful followers to “go…” in Matthew 28:19, and this is a chance I have to do just that, which makes my “stay” much more purposeful: “If I can act (love, serve, give, sweat…) like this there, why can’t I act like this here?”

3. We get closer to each other in 5-10 days of working our tails off and traveling together than we could in a year of church services and small groups. You KNOW these people when you experience something like this- whether you want to or not!

4. I tend to listen better when I am out of my regular “groove.” The everydayness of my life can insulate me from really listening to other people, my family, God’s still, small voice and even my own head. A chance to retune.

5. And of course the most obvious- the whole reason God has put us all together here on earth is so that we can reflect what He loves and values most! This is one very evident chance I have to make this world a little better, yep anyone can do it any where, but it seems that when the need is so abundant, the improvement is almost miraculous. And the fact that I get to do it as an act of worship to glorify and please my Creator, who loves those struggling Guatemalans way more than I ever could, somehow makes the whole experience echo all the way into eternity.

hasta luego

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