Upward Basketball & Cheerleading

We have loved having Upward Basketball at Mountain Park Church for the last ten years, and we have so appreciated David Cook’s leadership and the hard work of so many others in the life of this program.  Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to offer the program at Mountain Park Church.  

Our Upward Director, David Cook, is retiring after ten years of serving to lead this great program.  He has done a fantastic job, and we are very grateful for his heart and dedication. 

While we know that many would like to see this program continue, there has not been sufficient interest from future leaders and volunteers to sustain the needs of the ministry.  It takes more than 200 volunteers each year to make the program run!  

At the same time, we as a church have been changing our approach to ministry and outreach, becoming much more focused on the needs of our immediate community on Mount Sylvania, and focusing all of our resources toward that effort.  We are confident that this is where God is leading us as a church.

Due to these factors, we decided that this would be the right time to discontinue Upward Basketball at Mountain Park Church.  We have sincerely loved the last ten years of fun and ministry through Upward, and we will miss it all!

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