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Sept and Oct 2012

Dates to note for Sept-Oct 2012:
Sept. 24-28:  L&P Sign up, C&P Sign up
Oct. 10: Titus Coffee, 9:15
Oct. 12:  No School-Statewide Teacher In-service
Oct. 18, 19: No School, Kindergarten ONLY
Oct. 15: Lee’s Berry Farm—Kinders
Oct. 16: Lee’s Berry Farm—3’s
Oct. 17: Lee’s Berry Farm—4’s
Oct. 24: Dad ‘n Me Oktoberfest, 6:30pm

Field Trips
Lee’s Berry Farm will be our field trip for October.  The pumpkin patch is always fun as well as the petting zoo and learning about apple cider.  Please sign up to drive.  The cost is $5.50. We have a 9:30 tour reserved, so please be on time to school so that we can leave right at 9:00.  If you are not driving for the field trip, please stay and help the drivers load the car seats.  Again, you must have your background check on file in order to help drive.  Every child must have a car seat or booster chair or they will  not be able to attend the field trip.

Dad ‘n Me Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest is planned for Wednesday evening the 24th of October, from 6:30-8:00 in the gym.  It is a time that the dads can come and share some fun times with their children.  Sorry, moms, but this is for kids and dads only.  If a father is unable to attend, a grandpa, uncle, or special friend is also invited.  We will have some games, refreshments, pictures, bunnies, and a surprise guest.  We will be taking donations at the door.  See you at Oktoberfest!

Titus 2:4
Please join us for our first Titus coffee of the school year.  We will meet  on Oct. 10th at 9:15.  Come early and enjoy a latté.  Kathi will be sharing about the importance of Biblical parenting! Invite your friends and neighbors.  Don’t forget to register for free childcare!  Sign-ups are limited !See Patty for reservations!

Sock it to ‘Em
We will be collecting new white socks for all ages starting this week at school.  We have been sending them down to a church in Woodburn that has a ministry to the migrant families in the area.  Look for the barrel by my office.  It is a good time to show and model giving to others.  These little ones need warm toes for the winter!

Visits the Classes Sherlock, our lovable music dog, has been visiting all the classes.  He loves to be with the kids.  Sherlock has a hard time saying “Good Morning” so he is working on his manners.  Sherlock also loves to travel and he would love to make a trip with anyone who is leaving the area or just your backyard! Talk to me and we’ll arrange for Sherlock to go with you.  If he is not available, then we have several other friends to go!  Take some pictures and we will put them on my office door.

Cookie Fundraiser!
Just a reminder that the cookie fundraiser will go through the end of September.  Thank you in advance for your participation.  The cookies are delicious and with the sale we can add to several areas with new equipment for the preschool.  The checks need to written out to Sonshine Express.  The last day to turn in the orders is  October 5th! Lunch & Play Create & Play Just a reminder that you do need to sign-up for either L&P and C&P.  Depending on the numbers, we adjust the staff to meet the amount of children.

Fire/Earthquake Drill
The week of Oct. 1st, we will be practicing a fire and an earthquake drill.  We will give the children plenty of notice and talk about the importance of knowing what to do in case of an emergency.    We ask that you also talk with your child about what he/she learned at school. In emergency preparedness we are ready with all the necessary items .  Thank you for your support, our intent is not to scare the children, but to prepare them.

Class Pictures
We will be having class pictures starting in October.  I will sending home envelopes with prices and different options of pictures.  We take the pictures outside and they will be a real keepsake of your little one in preschool and kindergarten.
Note the dates for each class:
Oct. 8th-Monday 2’s, 4’s, Kindergarten
Oct. 11th-Thursday 2’s, 3’s
We will not be painting those mornings!  🙂


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