Date:  Feb 9-10, 2018

Where:  Mountain Park Church

What:   At IF: Gathering 2018 we will look at one of Paul’s letters to Timothy in as he reminded him of the power and responsibility of sharing the Gospel.

The question:  Women of Mountain Park Church, what IF we followed God with perseverance instead of insecurity?

We want to give God away in the very places He’s put us.  We’re going to gather for the purpose of remembering why following God and making disciples matters.

We will join thousands of women as the IF: Gather is simulcast in churches and living rooms across the nation.

Cost includes $35 towards food and hosting at Mountain Park church and $25 suggested donation to IF.  You can register and pay anytime during the month of January and the first week of February.

Click here to register at the IF: Gathering website.


About the Current Series

Join us this winter and spring and we explore a series of questions about the Bible, life, and the nature of reality, considering how to think through difficult issues.

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Recent News
Native Plant Demonstration Garden - March 25, 2015

Mountain Park Church has received a grant to replace a portion of the ivy that grows on our property with indigenous plants that help support our local wildlife.  More information can be found in the flyer below. 


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