Esperanza Team Blog 2015

Saturday Evening, June 27

Hey Friends!
This is Aubrey Ellerbruch and we just got to the hotel after our first day of traveling back home. Let’s just say it’s great to be able to go outside without being eaten alive by mosquitoes and bears and cougars… Oh my! Last night I went out to the docks with some others to see the phosphorescent algae that glowed when it was swished around. Today we woke up at a nice, comfortable time of 6:00 AM and packed and cleaned the mess that we had made in the cabins and main room. After I stripped all of the beds, realized I got wrong instructions, and had to put them all together again, we packed up the boats and took the ride to our vans where we said goodbye to the Esperanza staff. We drove all day, and now that we are here, we will actually be clean and we look forward to getting home to Lake Oswego tomorrow.
God Bless!


Thursday Morning, June 25

Live from Esperanza, B.C., it’s Thursday morning! *cue audience applause* I’m Joshua Bell, and I’ll be your host for this special installment of the Espo blog. First of all, I’d like to thank all y’all who helped send us here, whether through rent-a-teen or donations. We couldn’t have done it without you. So far the trip has gone swimmingly, as in we’ve basically been swimming in the rain that has fallen. However, that hasn’t stopped us from chopping wood, moving compost, jumping off the pier (not me) and having a great time. Although we are only halfway through the trip, many memories have been made. Hopefully they’ll last longer than the mosquito bites we have sustained. Aaaaanyways, everyone seems to be enjoying the trip. I know I liked riding around in the tractor and moving various things yesterday. It was a very moving experience. *cue audience groan* The fireside talks have also been… interesting. And two days ago, I got into a water war with Elizabeth while doing compost. We both got soaked, and since my trousers got splashed it looked like I wet myself. It was very embarrassing but hilarious anyways. Okay okay, TMI. Apologies. Moving on. Of course you are probably wondering what we have gained so far. We have gotten closer to God and have helped many people. Worship time has also gone great. And I think that’s a good place to end my monologue. Again, thanks for all your support for us, and someone else should be posting later today to brief you about today’s events. See you on the flip side!


Tuesday Evening, June 23

Words of wisdom from Joey:

When I saw camp from the boat, I knew I was going to love it here because it is so beautiful here. The water is so clear, the trees are so green and you can see all of God’s creation all in one spot.
The work is not too hard, but I can see how it is helpful to those who serve here and it needs to be done. I am glad that I am able to do it.
God is challenging me to see more in me and his plan for me. This is just a taste of what he has for me. Going home, I look forward to seeing small aspects of the world is a different way. GO ESPO 2015!

And now a word from our friend Paden Self:

Getting here was a lot of fun. I like road trips. I fell asleep on top of the ferry. The last boat ride in was a surprise. I thought Espo was a town and we could just drive there. It was fun to know that you could only get there just by boat.
The work is hard, but I did get to get some driving practice in on the lawnmower.
At the end of the day we jumped off the dock and it was really cold, but still really fun.


Monday Evening, June 22

We made it!!! After driving in to the land of ever flowing maple syrup, and crossing a tiny part of an ocean, we have arrived at our destination at Esperanza. We look forward to what God is going to do this week and are so blessed with what he has done so far. Look here for further student blogs and other info. Blessings,

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