Emerge Bible Study, Fall 2017

“Finding Who You Are in the I AM”

September 19, Tuesday Morning 9:30-11:30 a.m. – Family Center Fireside Room

September 20, Wednesday Evening 6:45-8:30 p.m. – Café

Jocelyn Stein is an up and coming author and teacher.  She has written a Bible Study specifically for the Portland area, which is very exciting.  Her desire is to strengthen our relationship and understanding of who we are in Jesus.  She has been the Women’s Director at Countryside Community Church and is presently at George Fox.  The study has received rave reviews both from Countryside Community Church and Willamette Christian Church. We are fortunate to have her come and share with both our Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening classes.  She will be teaching selected weeks in the 8 week study.   

You may be thinking that you already know who you are in the great I AM, but this study will surprise you, as concepts are deep.  Jesus often uses metaphors to aid us in our comprehension.  Jocelyn says – “trust me, the unpacking of these metaphors is like uncovering precious treasures.”

Cost:  $30 for book and speaker

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Join us as we look at the humanity of Jesus and his interactions with other people through various snapshots in the Gospel of John

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