Tuff Stuff Ministries

Tuff Stuff Ministries exists to do just what the name implies: to help people deal with the difficult things in their lives. These difficult things include sexual temptation, moral failure, betrayal, and broken relationships.

People’s lives are impacted by loss of family, loss of jobs, poor decisions, personal failure … you know the kind of “tough stuff” to which we are referring. Statistically, either you or someone you know is in need of help right now. We want to be there for you.

Tuff Stuff Ministries was founded and is directed by Drs. Earl and Sandy Wilson. Tuff Stuff Ministries offers two conferences each year: “Marriage Redeemed” for couples each spring, and “Betrayal Redeemed” for women each fall. Tuff Stuff Ministries also offers support, counseling, and many other resources.

For more information about Tuff Stuff go to the website.

MARRIAGE REDEEMED COUPLES’ CONFERENCE: Saturday, April 7, 2018.  Visit the Tuff Stuff website for details.

About the Current Series

Join us this winter and spring and we explore a series of questions about the Bible, life, and the nature of reality, considering how to think through difficult issues.

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Recent News
Native Plant Demonstration Garden - March 25, 2015

Mountain Park Church has received a grant to replace a portion of the ivy that grows on our property with indigenous plants that help support our local wildlife.  More information can be found in the flyer below. 


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